Chapter 4: Hard Labor

Some errors have come to my attention. Chapter 4 of Fifty Shades Lost has been updated so that Ana has not gone into labor. Just thought you guys should know in case you wanted to go back and read it. If not, then that’s what changed in the chapter. You’ll know this for future chapters when Ana actually goes into labor and has the baby. 


My computer has officially quit on me. so I will be updating sporadically. I am working on the next few chapter so hopefully I can get you guys multiple updates. Until then keep checking Facebook and the blog. If I can’t update the stories then I’ll post something nice for you guys to give this more of a “bloggy” feel. I think I’ve been slacking in that area as well. Have a great day. 

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I just realized that I made a mistake. I need to go back and edit Chapter 4 so that the pregnancy can make sense. Sorry guys. I’ll be fixing that soon. 

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Facebook Page

Facebook Page

I have created a Facebook page for those who would like to go follow it. It is called Fifty shade blog and the picture for it is the same as the background on here. I think it will be easier to post on there when I will and will not be able to update. So follow that if you want! 🙂

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Hey guys. So I’ve gotten questions on here and on the FanFiction site about updating. I just started my sophomore year in college and I also work. I would love to do nothing but write all day believe me, but sadly I can’t. So if you’ll just stick with me then I’ll update more soon. Thank you for your kind reviews and all your support!

~Hook ‘Em!~

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Sorry I haven’t posted a new chapter in a while. It’s coming soon, hopefully later today. I’ve been kind of busy. But fear not. Chapters for both stories are on their way. 

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This is exactly what it feels like in Texas lol.